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Award Winning French Bulldogs



Vita is a blue fawn French bulldog. She is 2 years old and is a real softy. She loves nothing more than playing in the paddling pool and splashing around. She is a water baby. But at night time she is on the sofa in front of the fire fighting for attention and loves off my husband. Vita loves puppies and small children. She has a fabulous personality.



Pepper is Black Brindle she is the baby at only 9 months old. She is a little poppet. Really busy playing with everything. The fastest runner of the pack but very dopy. Loves lying upside down having her tummy tickled. Pepper is having puppy classes at the moment and loving all the attention, very happy to sit and do anything for a piece of chicken. Pepper gets on really well with Vita and Skye they love all curling up sleeping in the same bed, snoring their heads off.



Skye is a blue French bulldog. She is Vitas sister so also 2 months. Skye is the cuddly one. Often when out on a walk she will sit down and insist on being carried home. She loves rolling in the grass and playing games but is very chilled out. She loves playing with my daughter and can often be found hiding in my daughter’s room waiting for her to get home from school. She likes having her hair brushed and face cleaned. Being fussed really.



Bear is our fabulous new boy. He is 1 years old. He is a really cuddly boy and loves all the attention. He can play ball for hours and loves exploring on walks. He is big and beautiful but a real softy. His father is Mad Bomber Rocco so has a great DNA background.

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